Bird ideas

Gray Birds/Magnet bird

Gray birds are birds covert in metal manets. They are heavy and so won't go really far but they have the ability to pull every metal to them. Metal would be an new obstables in the game that won't be able to get destroyed that easy. Just like yellow birds they have the ability to boost there speed when clicked. This time with rocket boosters. When they touch metal the metal will be full with electricity killing every pig that touch it.

Gray bird

An regular gray bird.

Big Gray Bird

An bigger gray bird. With even more manet power.

Twin Gray Bird

Twoo little birds put together. Because of there small size they don't need rocket booster since they already have an decent speed. They will split when you click with your mouse.

Female Gray Bird

An opposite version of manetisme: Demanetisme!!

Teal Bird/Camo Bird

Teal birds also known as cameleon birds has the ability to take the strength of the object that he first hit what can have an great use when you need to push some blocks. When pressing your mouse it will remain back into his teal color and repeating his ability on the next block he hit. If you don't press your mouse his will remain the strength of the first block he hit.

New Red Birds

Flame Red Bird/Flame Bird

The flame bird has about thesame strength as the regular red bird. However he will do this with flame bonus damage. Setting wood on fire, cracking glass and making metal hot as hell letting an pig jump in order to get off it. The hot metal will remain for the next 3 trows.

Purple Bird/Water Bird

The water bird is in fact an giant water bubble about the size of the big brother bird that will explode instanly when it get touched by any object or when you press your mouse. The water that comes out will float down dealing low structure damage. However it will glimp through all small tears inside the structure up to the pig. Also when the water can't float away it will remain there. And you known what happes when large quantities of water remain on an structure. The water will remain there untile the structure breaks. In level you could for example use 2 water birds an let them fillup and hole and so takeout the hiding pig for example. The waterbird also has the ablility to cooldown hot metal that was caused by an fire bird. Afther this fast cooldown the metal will crack make it fragile for attacks.

Other ideas

New sort pig: Swines

Swines can be classes as the stronger version of pig. They are colored yellow to start with. They have the ablility to sometimes smash the incomming bird back where he came from. An tricky enemy but you sure find an way to get to him or even use this in your advantage. There are an fell sort of swines:

Imp Swine

Small big don't let you trick that. This pig can catch incomming birds and hold them untile they poof. They even try to jump to it. Anyoing but sometimes usefull when it's an black bird he's holding. He also will burn his hand when try to catch an flame bird. When he catch and gray bird he will get electricty, get killed an the gray bird most likey move an little and poofs. Imp Swines will have trouble with catching larger birds like big brother but it's possible if you didn't swing it that hard.

Melee Swines

Melee Swins are swins that hold an melee weapon to hit the birds back where they came from. Really anyoing enemy for almost all of your birds. Some more than other. An bit tricky to kill with an bird but can be usefull to let his swing in your advantage.

Sumo Swines

Sumo Swines are an bigger version of the Imp swines. Lucky for you they can't jump anymore but can lift almost every bird (expect for mighty). Sumo also has really high hp and good resist against structures. The trick is, how bigger they are, how bigger they fall.

New sort pig: Boar

Boars are currently the most powerfull version of the pig. They aren't easy to kill and probaly will needed some heavy structure hits or an straight bird hit in order to kill them. They are the 3th pig race. They are colored red to start with. Boar will be able to use ranged attack to take out incomming birds what can make winning even harder. There are some sorts of boars:

Cata Boar

This small boar will catapult himself to an incomming bird. An live for an live. Anyoing when you have an usefull bird. Just like with catch the abilities will remain. Big brother an Big gray bird will also have chance to survive this attack.

Gunner Boar

This boar will shoot or arrow out an incomming bird. The trick is to reach them from above but that only has an small chance. This best way are still structures.

Fatty Boar

Carefull this boar has an bazooka and isn't afraid to use it. Maybe that can have some advantage some structure damage don't you think? The boar has an lot of hp and won't die instanly when falling down unless it really really hurts. The best may is to put an structure over it and let him blow itself to pieces the next bird you thrown.

Angry Boar

This boar carries 2 shotguns detects almost every bird. Almost impossible to hurt him like that. However the shotguns have width range but it's short range maybe give it from above an try.

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