• Jens Ingels

    New bird ideas

    August 30, 2012 by Jens Ingels

    Gray birds are birds covert in metal manets. They are heavy and so won't go really far but they have the ability to pull every metal to them. Metal would be an new obstables in the game that won't be able to get destroyed that easy. Just like yellow birds they have the ability to boost there speed when clicked. This time with rocket boosters. When they touch metal the metal will be full with electricity killing every pig that touch it.

    An regular gray bird.

    An bigger gray bird. With even more manet power.

    Twoo little birds put together. Because of there small size they don't need rocket booster since they already have an decent speed. They will split when you click with your mouse.

    An opposite version of manetisme: Demanetisme!!

    Teal birds also…

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