The New 1 is the first level pack in Angry Birds The New and contains 7 episodes. In the first pack, all episodes is
The New 1 logo
easy to clear and located at the common places (except Honey Home).


  • Pigdustry - 30 levels, 3 pages. This first level located in the factory
  • On the Sea - 30 levels, 3 pages. The first water-themed episode.
  • Deep and Down - 30 levels, 3 pages. Located below our feet and go into very deep part throughout the episode.
  • Forest Explorer - 30 levels, 3 pages. The place located same as Jungle Escape in Angry Birds Rio.
  • Honey Home - 30 levels, 3 pages. Located at the world full of honey and bee hives.
  • Space of Pig - 30 levels, 3 pages. The place located same as level 17 Summer Pignic and low gravity level.
  • Frozen Pole - 30 levels, 3 pages. Take place at the south pole and the major appearance of Ice Bird.

New Character (other than The Flocks and Bad Piggies)

On the Sea

  • Bounce Bird

Deep and Down

  • Stone Beak Bird 
  • Missle Bird

Forest Explorer

  • Buck
  • Roger

Honey Home

  • Archaeopteryx bird
  • Sheriff piglet 
  • Pooh bear

Space of Pig

  • Atomic Bird
  • Mega Bird

Frozen Pole

  • Ice Bird


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