Orange Bird

Titles in Angry Birds:RPG can be obtained when you do a certain requirement for the title.Here is Orange Bird's Titles.

  • Citizen of Birdville: No Requirement.
  • Master of Flame: Use Orange Bird's fire attacks 100 times.
  • Monster Pundit: Scan all enemies.
  • Monster Hunter: Encounter all enemies.
  • Herb Pundit: Gather 100 herbs.
  • Boy Savior: Defeat King Pig for the 2nd time.
  • Beginner: Become Level 10.
  • Amateur: Become Level 15.
  • Trainee: Become Level 20
  • Apprentice: Become Level 45.
  • Professional: Become Level 60.
  • Expert: Become Level 75.
  • Master: Become Level 82.
  • Supreme Master: Become Level 105.
  • Arena Champion: Defeat 1500 enemies in the The Coliseum mini-game.

There is no titles for the Green Bird or White Bird. These characters are non-playable.

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