This article is about all of the Hungry Piggies games. If you are looking for the original game, see here.

Hungry Piggies is a series of games made by Rovio 2D. It recently has 6 games, 3 spin-offs, 2 web games, and 1 episode on Angry Birds TV (but it might be a spin off series in the future).


NOTE: This is fan made. This is not real. Rovio was sitting around tossing around ideas for a new Angry Birds game. One of them said that there should be a game where pigs got revenge on the birds. Everyone thought it was lame. So that night, the worker created the game and sended to Rovio 2D. Rovio 2D published the game.


Web Games


This is a list of Hungry Piggies related things that are not games.

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