The Flock/Playable Birds

  • Red Bird - No power but, squawks and slightly more damage
  • Blue Bird - Splits into three
  • Yellow Bird - Speeds up
  • Black Bird - Explodes
  • White Bird - Lays an egg bomb that explodes
  • Green Bird - Comes back like a boomerang
  • Orange Bird - Inflates
  • Philedelphia Eagle - Same as Mighty Eagle but only available in Angry Birds Philedelphia Eagles
  • Pink Bird - Blows bubbles that traps objects inside
  • Ice Bird - Explodes ice and everything around him will turn to ice
  • Big Brother Bird - Like his brother he has no power but is very strong
  • Mighty Eagle - Kills every pig in a level
  • Space Eagle - Booms the whole planet up

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