Angry Birds Show was made by Superugly18 on Youtube.


Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird

Big Red Bird

Big Yellow Bird

Big Black Bird

Mighty Eagle

King Pig

Prince Pig

Mustache Pig

Helmet Pig

Small Helmet Pig

Pumpkin Pig


Call of birdies

The prince

The lawsuit

The faker

The haircut

The ugly truth part 1

The ugly truth part 2

The preplexed

The cave

The offer

The stupidest

The Hawking

The Orange

The Frustation

The Hat

The bet part 1

The bet part 2

The Birthday

Angry Birds Space special

The bother

The Holiday

The stronghold

The Overthrow

The Magic

The Solstice

The girlfreind

The Attack

The Forth

The arena

The Power

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