Angry Birds Rap03:59

Angry Birds Rap


And were launchin' And were crashin' Let's hit the pigs til' they all go pop We're the best birds But we're angry If you take our eggs were never gonna stop Every theme and level we will get three stars and set you straight Maybe find a golden egg and win until the next update Screw the pigs, screw the pigs they're wearin' helmets, hardhats, usin' tricks, fake mustaches and green skin, it don't matter cus' they know i'm gonna win Birds on my side, they're pretty fly, launch 'em in the air, the pigs can't hide It's totally fair, you took our eggs like a spy and besides I got my finger as a guide Touch the screen the birds are angry, mean, they don't stop on Christmas or Halloween They're always gonna switch to a different theme they're definitely making up the greatest team Get that slingshot and pull it back, aim for the right spot then attack, you took our eggs, that was wack, and if you do it again, we're comin' back But sometimes you pigs just won't go, always come again like 4 in a row, we gotta get ' em to stop cus they will overflow, say goodbye, no hello Stop your laughin and stop the snatchin', we don't have eggs so we don't have hatchin' Get ready for the birds who are so diverse, lets talk about them in the next verse Repeat Black and yellow, red, white, and blue even green is a color thrown in there too A little behind? Well then lets go through all the words and the birds that are gonna help you The red bird, the first one you meet, the first bird to tweet, and the first defeat, so take your seat, watch the bird compete, even though its petite, it is elite, its a basic bird whos not goin' unheard doesn't have a power, aint that absurd, but still the red one can be lots of fun 'cus then we get a home run and the pigs are done Look up at the sky and you will see blue, 'cus after the red this bird had a debuet Is my vision blurred? What's that I see? Looks like that bird just became 3, Yeah thats right, 'cus blue came to fight, bringin' all the class and breakin' all the glass Never runnin' out of gas, don't need a pass, gettin' every pig, even the last You can call them as bird 1 bird 2, so don't forget it say "I heard you" The best and baddest birds will now arrive, there is no way those pigs will survive Repeat So the next fellow makes pigs get mangled, after gettin' hit by the yellow triangle Lightning fast and the speed will increase, on 1, 2, 3 release So its up in the air and the time is just right, you give it a little tap for the speed of light This chick's angry not polite, breaks through wood, its don't bite If you're lookin' for a blast, take this road, there's a bird thats black, likes to explode It cracked the code to make the pigs erode, help us get back the eggs that we're owed From black to white, this bird is droppin' one last egg right on top and I really don't get why they're droppin' eggs though, if you want them why let them go? The green bird always wants to hang, cus' it was one of the last ones that was in the gang, oh no too far this bird has sprang, but it's comin' right back like a boomerang The last birds red and you stretch it out, has an angry face that makes you shout Breakin' everything that is in it's route, they smell fear with a green pig snout 2 Repeats And the Mighty Eagle I forgot about that one sorry.

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