1. Unknown Fail

2. Cube Day

3. Third Class

4. 300 Birds

5. Gummy Bearz

6. Surf Teeth

7. Piggy Bank

8. Six Birds

9. Football or Soccer

10. Hours of Fun

11. Lol Time

12. Happy 2nd Angry Year

13. Minecraft vs Angry Birds

14. Angry Pokebirds

15. School Piggy

16. Angry Boat

17. Lucky Star

18. Top Five Birds

19. Cube to Cube

20. Unknown episode

21. Unknown episode

22. Month of Birds

23. Unknown episode

24. Happy Third Angry Year

25. January of 3rd Year


Like original angry birds, now are running!

Throw them! Get Angry Birds more angry!

25 episodes! 1 angry bird month = 1 episode.

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