These are all the Angry Birds:RPG weapons that the bird party could wield.


Wooden Sword: $100/10% damage

Rapier: $150/25% damage

Beam Saber: $225/32% damage

Broadsword: $345/45% damage

Fu-Rai-Ku-Fa: $479/60% damage

Long Sword: $500/67% damage

Great Sword: $546/69% damage

Flame Blade: $600/70% damage

War Sword: $691/79% damage

Excalibur: $2,671/100% damage

Eternal Sword: $4,500/4400% damage

God's Saber: $900,000/7800% damage


Knife: $95/10% damage

Kris: $240/40% damage

Cinqueda: $500/59% damage

Gladius: $659/67% damage

Glave: $564/70% damage

Rune Dagger: $690/79% damage

Piercing Knife: $9,000/128% damage

Angel's Gladius: $750,000/6780% damage


Axe: $120/20% damage

Hammer: $150/30% damage

One Hand Axe: $279/39% damage

Long Blade Axe: $400/59% damage

Double Axe: $670/70% damage

Duel Pick: $789/78% damage

Grim Hammer: $19,000/160% damage

Thunder's Pick: $500,000/6500% damage

Staffs & Wands

Staff: $85/12% damage

Ghoul Wand: $145/30% damage

Scepter: $390/50% damage

Great Scepter: $500/59% damage

Grand Staff: $690/80% damage

Gale Staff: $10,000/134% damage

Tempest Rod: $35,000/567% damage

Heaven's Weapon: $670,000/7890% damage


Wooden Spear: $145/12% damage

Steel Spear: $300/34% damage

Metal Pole: $467/50% damage

Gold Pole: $500/59% damage

Gale Pole: $50,000/190% damage

Heaven's Lance:$800,000/7000% damage

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